Asteria Fab

Here we manufacture dreams.


A custom 3D design, printing and fabrication shop in Evergreen, Colorado

Asteria Fab

It started with a SolidWorks certification and an Additive Manufacturing Certificate, and grew into FDM and SLA printers, laser and waterjet cutters and CNC mills.

Asteria Fab is your local custom design fabrication house, production partner and off-the-shelf product shop.

Check out our ready-to-purchase products, send us a ready-to-print CAD file or model, or drop us a note to see how we can help you design something from scratch to meet your needs. We are economical, helpful and collaborative.

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We are a full service 3D design, fabrication and printing company.


Tell us the problem you're seeking to solve and we'll put our brains to work coming up with ideas of how to solve it.


Our tools, skills, people & talent are the fastest way to get from idea to model. Produce a model from ideas, drawings or data.

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Our production machines, both in-house and off-site can make almost anything out of almost anything.


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We can help you manufacture your dreams.

Sample Work

Here’s some examples of pieces we’ve fabricated recently.

Custom LIDAR Landscape Model
Made from hi-res Colorado 2013 LIDAR GIS data. White PLA Plastic.
Customized Ankle Brace
Lightweight customized and custom sized ankle support brace. Emergency rapid overnight production. Gray PLA Plastic.
Custom 3D Printed Terrain Model
North Table Mesa, Golden, Colorado. White PLA Plastic.
Bronze Colored Heart Shaped Vase
A delicate heart-pattern extruded upward into a vase. Fabricated in shining bronze PLA plastic.
Custom Designed Memorial Train Toy
Built as a replica of a wooden toy made by a deceased craftsman. Silver PLA Platic.
Specialized Ribbon Jig
Made to produce folded fabric ribbon of a specific size. Black PLA plastic.
Customized Mounting Brackets
Skeletonized brackets sized specifically to hang a piece of equipment. White PLA Plastic.
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Custom Model Rocket Component
Fully custom designed model rocket payload pod with fins, openable compartment, parachute bay and pop-off nosecone. Silver PLA platic.
Spool Axle Spacer
Made to adapt spools to an axle of a different diameter. Black PLA Plastic.
Miniature Castle Souvenir
Tiny desktop reproduction of the Schloss Neuschwanstein in Bavaria, Germany. White PLA Plastic.
Golden Petra Sounvenir
A desktop souvenir of the "Al-Khazneh" or "Treasury" structure at Petra, Jordan. Gold colored Plastic PLA.
Miniature Fantasy City Night Light
A desktop miniature of the city of Minas Tirith from Lord of the Rings. Hollow, to accept an LED night light inside.
Custom Model Rocket Nosecone and Engine Mount
Made to hold four Estes-type engines in the A to C size, for mounting in a carboard rocket body tube. Custom designed in SolidWorks.
Miniture Fantasy Night Light
Desktop miniature nightlight of the Doors of Durin of Moria, from Lord of the Rings. Hollow interior accepts an LED night ligh. The engraved inscriptions glow from within.
Custom Two-Color Raised Badge
Custom Designed using Photoshop, Illustrator and SolidWorks. Printed in White and Red PLA.
Custom 3D Middle Earth Topographic Map
Generated from GIS data and printed desktop-sized in White PLA Plastic.
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Our Team

Machines don’t get anything done without talented people driving them.

HEAD oF CAD and Fabrication

SolidWorks CSWA. Additive Manufacturing Certificate. Lasers and Waterjets.


Keeping things running. GIS and Terrain. Data translation.

3D Artist

3D Modeling and medical data processing.



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