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Massive 12″ (30cm) diameter Earth globe with terrain and bathymetry relief

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An AsteriaFab Exclusive!
Fulfillment/production time: 3 weeks


Available in multiple materials/colors (please contact us if you desire a specific customer color or material — we can usually accommodate).

We custom build the model for this item specifically for your use case, and can use any Earth or other planetary body data (of sufficient resolution) including sea surface data, undersea no-water bathymetry (as pictured), terrain, or even geoid or other global non-terrain data such as light emission, pollution, temperature, etc. Contact us before ordering to discuss any pricing impact.


Depending on requirements, this item can weigh between 500 grams and 1 kilogram (1-2 pounds roughly) and can also be filled with foam to make it more solid and durable.

Depending on size, this item is printed in a total of 2 or more sliced segments and glued together. It is very hard to cleanly print the underhangs of the Southern Hemisphere in their natural orientation so each hemisphere is printed equator-down as a half-dome and assembled into a sphere. Larger variants may need to be made in four slices (as pictured). Some seams are unavoidable in this situation.

This is shipped in a specialized large box with lots of packing material to prevent damage.

Massive 12″ (30cm) diameter Earth globe with terrain and bathymetry relief

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Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 51 × 51 × 51 cm